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We serve LGBTQ individuals in the MENA region

Spectra Project is a U.S.-based organization, which supports LGBTQ minorities of the MENA (Middle East and Northern Africa) region. Spectra Project was founded in 2016 based on a commitment to ensure a better life for others by providing access to basic emergency support, health facilities, education and safety.

Spectra Project is a humanitarian organization. It is non-political and non-religious. Our goal is to improve the lives of minorities, especially the most vulnerable, including people of different sexual orientations, genders, gender expressions and religions/religion sects.

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I’ve graduated from the Department of English Literature and I speak three languages. I still can’t find a job; just for being Syrian, gay, and living in a country like Turkey.

Syrian Refugee

I am from Cameroon West Africa. I ran to turkey after receiving a lot of death threats because I am gay. Please, I greatly need your help so I can move where I can freely live in a place where I can be proud of who I am.

Cameroon Refugee

I really need help. No one supports me. Winter is coming and I don’t have anything.  I’m a barber but I can’t find a job because I can’t speak Turkish. It’s hard to find a partner and loneliness is killing me. Please help me!

Syrian Refugee

No job. No house rent. There’s always a death threat. My file is too late.

Syrian Refugee


I guess everybody now knows how difficult it is for gay people to live in Muslim Societies. 
It’s homophobic, which means having to face every day slander, unfair treatment, rumors, family quarrels, the list goes on and on. Sometimes I try hiding my true self in front of people so I can survive, but this makes me tired because pretending to be someone you are not is no easy task. 

I’ve always known deep down that I was gay, but I couldn’t act upon my sexuality because it wasn’t acceptable to be gay and I didn’t really comprehend what it meant back then.

I knew I was different from my friends because I’ve never been attracted to girls.  When I started to have feelings for other guys in the ninth grade, I fought those feelings for a long time until I caved and accepted the real me.


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