19 Nov
  • By subhi Nahas
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No Conversion Therapy

It all started when I received the news of a friend being arrested because he was gay.

After [my friend’s] release, his parents went completely insane, and locked him in his room. I hadn’t heard from him for 2 weeks. Then I received an e-mail that seemed very much like a suicide letter. I freaked out.

At that point, I was devastated –more than devastated [so] I made a huge mistake; I came out to my parents by accident. This made things even worse.

My dad decided that I [could not] travel anywhere until I got this ‘sickness’ dealt with. [Now] I need help. I need a way to get out of here.
I’m all out of ideas; I refuse to take the same route my friend did, because I know that it gets better. I’ve thought of running away, but where would I go? I really feel trapped. I don’t know what I would do if I [was] sent to conversion therapy.

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subhi Nahas

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