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Sustainability is Rare

Every day when we wake up, for a split second everyone is the same. There is a second of pure innocence that washes over the face of those just awoken, when all are oblivious to what is going on in the world. As we start to pull ourselves together, we remember everything that is on the agenda for that day. But we fail to recognize the true problem outside of this bubble we live in. There are people out there living in pure fear because of who they are… what they identify as. And we must take a stand to help these people that are in dire need of our help. No one chooses to be a refugee and the time is now to offer support to refugees across the world, specifically LGBT refugees.

But before you can help, you need to know what is going on. For every minute that goes by, 24 people flee from their homes and lose everything. The reason these people flee their country is to gain a better life, but even with this, it is complex for those refugees that identify as lesbian, gay, trans, and etc. It’s already so difficult for people who come out in the US to feel safe and welcome in a country that already accepts sexual differences, but imagine the people who have to live as an openly gay person in a country where homosexuality is criminalized.

While organizations work hard at finding a solution for refugees, most of the solutions are temporary and don’t provide a permanent outcome. Sustainability is rare. This is why we need to do what we can do to help LGBT refugees reach self-sustainability by providing them with proper tools.

It is absolutely possible to do small, yet meaningful things in your community. Every volunteer act that corresponds to LGBT refugees have the same message. They stand with LGBT refugees and will offer support for those who are seeking a better life. Refugee supporters can volunteer at local charities, host refugees in their homes, and even employ refugees to ensure them the opportunity to live a successful life. But of course volunteering in person is not the only option to helping.

The Spectra Project is an organization that helps to provide basic needs for these individuals. In doing so, it helps refugees get back on their feet while providing “LGBTQ individuals with access to resources such as legal counseling, health education, sex education, language courses, and vocational training.” You can help by simply donating to Spectra Project to provide these necessities or apply for a job or internship in which you can educate our generation on helping these individuals. If you do feel up to the task, you may volunteer via the website which will further benefit not only those in need of help, but also you as it gives you the opportunity to experience life in a different way.

Please help LGBT asylum seekers and reach out to Spectra Project.

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