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The Enemy Immigrants: Who They Are is Who We Are

Thomas Royal Nimen ||| 7 April 2017 The issue of refugees has spurred an identity crisis in the United States, particularly so with President Trump’s coupling America’s greatness with his motives to establish walls and vet immigrants.

Sustainability is Rare

Every day when we wake up, for a split second everyone is the same.

Destroyed by Bombs

Imagine, your home destroyed by bombs, your family murdered, your country unrecognizable, and fear of death constantly threating your day to day life.


NoH8 Egypt is an initiative that aims to stop hatred and violence against minority groups.

No Conversion Therapy

It all started when I received the news of a friend being arrested because he was gay.

This is My Story

This is my story as a young gay man, growing up in Syria.

Feel Like Human, again.

I guess everybody now knows how difficult it is for gay people to live in Muslim Societies.