Spectra Project aims to help LGBTQ individuals in their countries of origin, and/or refugees in countries of transit to reach self-sustainability by providing them with proper tools. Spectra Project will provide emergency basic support such as shelter and food. In addition to these basic needs, Spectra Project will provide LGBTQ individuals with access to resources such as legal counseling, health education, sex education, language courses, and vocational training. Spectra Project’s goal is to provide LGBTQ people with the tools they need to reach self-sustainability and increase their chances of becoming gainfully employed.

Spectra Project focuses directly on what the individuals need by following their lead and supporting them closely in the field. Spectra Project will be managed by LGBTQ people in those countries of origin and transit.

Another objective of Spectra Project is to build organizational capacity and to help clients and staff better understand the dynamics of working within a nonprofit organization.  We do this by encouraging clients and new staff to take the initiative to develop their own projects and deepen their knowledge of best practices which will increase their own abilities to start and run organizations by themselves.