Many refugees in countries of transit do not have access to the local education system and spend years out of an educational system. Only the lucky few that have been resettled to a new country have access to education. Education is especially important to this vulnerable community so that they can have tools to become self-sustaining. While some countries of transit like Turkey provide access to education to only Syrian refugees, many other refugees do not have access to education. Despite this fact, many LGBTQ refugees choose not to pursue educational resources due to homophobia, intimidation, or a lack of awareness of available resources. Spectra Project aims to create a database of resources that will guide LGBTQ refugees to the available resources in their respective countries of transit. Additionally, Spectra Project aims to create a cultural center where LGBTQ refugees can congregate and share information, take language classes, receive vocational training, and take awareness workshops regarding the LGBTQ refugee community.