Subhi Nahsas

Chairman of the Board

(Also serving on Advisory Board for AsylumConnect) Why I serve: Spectra was founded on the basis of equal human rights and to assist those who are not receiving them. Being a refugee myself, I understand the struggles and obstacles they face. I started my career by advocating for women’s and children’s rights in Syria.  Now, I work to raise awareness regarding refugees– LGBT refugees in particular. I strive to provide these refugees with the services and protection they need

Bradford Mattin


Why I serve: I was inspired by Subhi Nahas’ experience and by the realization that there are members of our LGBT community who are enduring unimaginable hardships due to war and they are living in fear of their lives. They are forced to leave their homes, their country and loved ones, while not having access to essential life-saving medical and psychological services. I am excited to assist in educating more people about how we can help shine a light on these brave members of our community, and how we can make a difference in their lives as well as others.

Ellen Greenblatt


Why I serve: Because LGBT refugees face even more hardships than other refugees, Spectra’s mission fills an important need. I look forward to helping Spectra to provide refugees with the safety, education and life skills they need to become self-sufficient and, in the longer term, to contribute to the well-being of others.

Ken Collinsworth

Cardiologist and Internist

Why I serve:  To help LGBT refugees with basic support including housing, food, healthcare, and other needs.  To help these refugees who are in areas of danger and conflict and are finding their way to safety.

Luis Zamora

Office Manager

Why I serve: Although many organizations exist to assist refugees and the LGBTQ community, none really focused on the specific issue of LGBTQ minorities seeking refuge or awaiting the next step in their life in counties of transit. Being the most marginalized and vulnerable group, I joined Spectra Project to help those in need who do not have anywhere else to turn.

Michael Wolchansky 


Also serving on Boards for Bay Area Lawyers for Individual Freedom Foundation, Groundswell Institute, Conference of California Bar Associations. Why I serve: To make a difference in the lives of LGBT individuals in the MENA regions.